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Animation that Matters Award

Release from from Heaven by Ali Noori Oskouei will receive the Animation that Matters Award

Poster RFH

Release from from Heaven by Ali Noori Oskouei 76minutes Iran – Trailer

In a war torn country, a female writer and teacher has to accompany two of her students on a life changing journey.

Directed by Ali Noori Oskouei, written by Majid Asoodegan and produced by Ali Noori Oskouei and Seyed Vahid Olyaee (to receive the award)

Screening in Cannes – opening film of Animation Day in Cannes:  May 22, 8:00 pm – Gray 1

In a war torn country, a female writer and teacher has to accompany two of her students on a life changing journey.

Sareh is a school teacher who writes comic strips. Due to a happening, she has to start a journey with two of her students to take them to their fathers. During the journey she tries to make them calm by telling them a part of the last story she has written. Regarding that the story is sort of related to her own past and nostalgia she herself gets submerged in it as well as the kids. In the middle of their journey they discover a cave which has been in Sareh’s childhood imagination and she had described it in her story. However the discovery of this cave in real world makes her realize a truth about her childhood and makes her love the hero of her story. She finds out that the man who is the hero of her story is not just an imaginary person but a real character who had made her childhood world beautiful with his kind behavior and nice stories. Now she has just realized that her heaven like daily life is no longer attractive to her and she is determined to embrace the hardships and find her lost hero along with the search of her students’ fathers; unaware of the fact that she herself is becoming a hero for her students by her behavior and stories just like her own childhood hero with whom she had gone on a journey.


Request your invite to the Market Premiere of Release from Heaven – Opening Film Animation Day in Cannes May 22 Gray 2 – 8:00 pm

Iqbal by Michel Fuzellier and Babak Payami will receive the Animation that Matters Award

Résultat d’images pour iqbal

A film by Michel Fuzellier and Babak Payami
With the voices of Bruno Solo and Yvan le Bolloc’h
IQBAL is a cheerful and smart little boy who spends his time between the games with his friends, his adorable little goat and his superb drawings.
One day, everything will change …
His brother was seriously ill and needed costly, expensive medicines.
Thinking he would do well, IQBAL waits for the night to slip away towards the city. To help his mother and take care of his brother, he has no alternative but to sell his goat, with his heart tight …
But nothing goes as planned ! or worse in fact!
The film is based upon the true story of Iqbal Masih young child born in 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan, sold at the age of 4 for 12 $ to pay for medicine for his mother. He freed himself from slavery at 10, became a public figure and spokesman against child exploitation and was murdered at age of12. The fIlm received a prize from Amnesty International.
Screening in Cannes  May 18,  4pm at  Alexandre III theatre

Résultat d’images pour iqbal

Junod by Shinichiro Kimurawill will receive the Animation that Matters Award during Animation Day in Cannes May 23  at noon.

junod poster with credits

JUNOD by Shinichiro Kimura – Japan 76 minutes          Trailer


A Swiss doctor arranged for the delivery of 15 tons of medicine and medical supplies to Hiroshima just after the atomic bomb was dropped on the city and personally treated the victims himself. That benefactor was Marcel Junod, head of the ICRC delegation in Japan. There is a monument to Dr. Junod in a corner of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, but, unfortunately, few people are aware of his selfless achievements.

As an ICRC delegate, Dr. Junod plunged ahead through a war-torn era and saved many precious lives without regard to nationality or race. Armed with know-how, courage, the ability to negotiate and, most of all, a love for humanity, he got through many hopeless situations. This year marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of the idea for the Red Cross. We want to produce an animated film that will portray selfless love – the spirit of the Red Cross which Dr. Junod embodied – and his accomplishments and send from Hiroshima a “gift of love” like that of Dr. Junod to as many people as possible.

The “Junod” Animation Production Committee is seeking donations to assist with the production of “Junod” in order to make Dr. Junod’s selfless love for humanity known to people throughout the world. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Résultat d’images pour monument to Dr. Junod in a corner of Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Donations may be made by funds transfer to the following accounts:

From post offices
Postal Savings Account No. 15160-28848291
Shizuko Tsuya
“Junod” Animation Production Committee LLP
1-6-3 Ushitawaseda, Higashi-ku, Hiroshima City 732-0062 JAPAN

From banks
•Hiroshima Bank, Ushita Branch Ordinary Savings Account No. 3068831
Shizuko Tsuya
“Junod” Animation Production Committee LLP

•Momiji Bank, Ushita Branch Ordinary Savings Account No. 1536203
Shizuko Tsuya
“Junod” Animation Production Committee LLP

•Hiroshima Shinkin Bank Ordinary Savings Account No. 0372449
Shizuko Tsuya
“Junod” Animation Production Committee LLP


The director





Small animaze daze in cannes logoAnimationday in cannes pale

Second edition concluded with a success

The objective of the Animation Day in Cannes is to facilitate the promotion of Animation during the Cannes Film Festival which does not traditionnally offer a window for animators besides the likes of Pixar or Disney.

Animaze – LeMiaff and decided in 2015 to take on this mission and provide a place for networking, fun, and promotion.

In 2016 ADIC returned stronger, offering a comprehensive line up of 189 submitted shorts, features and scripts and a selection of 29 shorts and features (Animaze Daze in Cannes competition) to 454 registered profesionals in animation.

The  Celebration began May 14 with the gala premiere of Bilal or opening feature film. Animation Day delevoped may 18 panels andnetworking sessions at Salon La Renaissance and UEA Pavilion in the afternoon, for the final Awards Ceremony where accolades were given to Bilal, Best Inspiring Movie, Song of the Sea by Tomm Moore(Best Animation at EFA) and Le Repas Dominical by Céline Devaux (Winner at Cesar and Clermont Ferrand)

5 pm – 5.45pm the UAE Pavilion

Village International Riviera side N°136

Panel: Animation that Matters and Inspires

Marie-Claude Beauchamp: President AQA, CEO Producer – CarpeDiem Film & TV,
Ayman Jamal Director Producer from Barajoun Entertainment – Dubai
Laurie Gordon Festival Director Montreal International Animation Film Festival
Yonathan Parienti CEO Horyou

5.45 pm – 6.00 pm

Afternoon Launch Platform

Launch of the Ryan Larkin Foundation Introduced by Laurie Gordon

Presentation of PAB ‘s art (animation film posters re – interpreted by Nomad street artist PAB)
Animation Day in Cannes Accolades : Awards & Recalls

Animation Awards Encore:  Accolades were offered to winners in animation categories at recent festivals Sundance, Rotterdam, Clermont Ferrand, Houston WorldFest, Mecal.
European Film Awards, Oscars, Cesar, BAFTA, Golden Trailer Awards

Best of Fests winners of our Accolades received their prizes from

Marion Doering, Director European Film Academy,
Yonathan Parienti CEO Founder,
Marie-Claude Beauchamp: President AQA

Channel for Fest Winners in Animation

Aymman Jamal (Barajoun Entertainment) and wife with the Award for Bilal.
PAB the Artist who designed the original prizes awarded at the Accolade ceremony “Best Inspiring Movie”

Yonathan Parienti CEO of who remitted the ‘Best Inspiring Movie’ prize to Ayman Jamal for the message in Bilal.

The distinguished members of the Panel on Animation that matters earlier in the afternoon May 18.

Jürgen Biesinger, Managing Director, Executive Producer European Film Awards with Marion Doering EFA Director with Bruno Chatelin former Member of the EFA Board.

Nesta Morgan sketching the Panel and finding inspiration from Animation, with PAB, up there?.

Congratulations to the team.