Strong visibility offered to films from Animation Day in Cannes

2017 Campaign

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Expect editorial from our media partners and from attending media in Cannes (over 5000 each year) who have already shown interest in our events. Together, your forces and creativity and ours can create magic. Try us and trust the 30 years of experiencce in Cannes of Bruno Chatelin who helped many filmakers get into the spotlights (or Oscars such as Boyz’n The Hood, sly, Arnold, JCVD, R Rodriguez…)

Check this very nice 5 minutes video interview on aljazeera TV mentionning the key films in our selection, Bilal, Apes, Shonku Diaries, East End, Maskman

Letter from one of our filmmakers in focus: George Snow
Hello fellows,

I’m back home safely after my drive home. Extremely happy with the results of my 2 days in Cannes.
I have to thank you for organising Animation Day in Cannes. Without your support my time in Cannes would have been totally wasted. I made several useful connections and was able to demonstrate the project to Mike Plante of the New Horizons section of the Sundance Film Festival. Everything went like a dream. Just perfect.

I shall be there again next year. The date is noted. For that event (if invited) I shall be bringing the completed VR rig.

I must give a special thank you to Laurie who was just bubbling with enthusiasm and support. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Living as a virtual hermit in a castle on a Tuscan hilltop there is nothing better than to luxuriate in praise.

Thank you both. And see you soon. (In Tuscany if you’re passing this way.)

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